Generative Art
on the Solana Blockchain

Artwork on Solana,
created by AI

Ghost Machine was the first AI generative art deployed on the Solana blockchain. Each NFT is a unique 1 of 1 edition, created by an AI trained on hundreds of hours of art history. Owning a piece is 100% unique solana collector’s item that nobody else in the world can ever have.


unique NFT pieces


hours of AI trained on Art history


unique owners


pieces listed for sale

Ghost Machine is available on SolSea, Digital Eyes and other premier Solana NFT marketplaces. The initial mint is closed, but some pieces are listed on the secondary market for sale.

Ghost Machine Genesis
is just the start

Ghost Machine aims to be a Creative DAO, with new creative Solana projects and Sol-based governance token coming soon. Follow our Twitter or join our Discord to learn more and get involved.